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What are rugs?

Living room rugs or bedroom rugs are a thick floor covering of thick woven material, typically not extending over the entire floor. It is said that the origin of the word ‘rug’ has its roots in an Old Norse word ‘rogg’ defined as a ‘shaggy tuft.’ It was heard in English in the mid-1500s which meant “coarse fabric” to cover a certain area of your room. A carpet, on the other hand, is a large floor covering and was derived from the old French word ‘carpite’ meaning a heavy decorated cloth.

What is the difference between a rug and a carpet?

While the purpose is similar, it is the size of each that distinguishes rugs and carpets apart from the history of their usage



Historically, rugs were decorative textiles normally made of thick material intended as a floor covering or floor mat.

Until the 19th century, the word ‘carpet’ was used to describe any type of cover like table cover or wall hanging and even bedspread.

Now, rugs have come to mean a smaller item of floor covering. Carpets are usually larger floor coverings.
Rug is often used to cover a partial, specific area of floor. Carpets are frequently tacked down to the floor and usually cover it from wall to wall.

What should you look for when buying rugs?

Rugs are like the comfortable, dressy shoes to match your home’s outfit. While bedroom rugs can harmonize the look of your room and make a statement if picked correctly, living room rugs can make or break the look and feel of your house. Therefore, special attention must be paid while choosing the right rug, especially if you buy rugs online. Here are 5 tips you must keep in mind while buying rugs and carpets:

  1. Measure the dimensions correctly. Living room rugs should be chosen based on your room dimensions, not your coffee or centre table. Opting for the right rug size will help cover negative space and make your room look bigger.
  2. Choose a bedroom rug that compliments your room’s aesthetic.If your room’s upholstery is muted, you can use a colourful rug to create a focus, or reinforce a vibe with your rug design.Choose the right fabric and material that suits your function and needs.

  3. Choose the right fabric and material that suits your function and needs.

  4. Pick the right texture of rug design. It can add a visual depth and an extra dimension to your home.
  5. Filter through your preferred budget to get your perfect rug online.

What are the different types and designs available in rugs?

Moving away from the age-old definition of rugs and carpets, your rug is not only to provide warmth to the floor or as sound proofing, it is also to add a visual element to your home’s look. There are many types of rugs available today that cater to different needs of your home. Rugs are not just for the living room. There are various spots in your home that can use a rug to elevate the look and vibe. You can get bedroom rugs for the foot of your bed that will add comfort and vibrancy, you can have living room rugs to add structure and focus and you can add vertical rugs in hallways and passages to use them as connectors.

Choosing similar coloured rugs that are placed through hallways creates a visual connection between different rooms of the house. With the variety of designs available at the D’Decor online store, we also love the idea of using rugs as beautiful wall art.

Rugs can be used in many interesting ways to add an extra layer of aesthetic to your rooms. You can layer different designs or even the exact same rug on top of each other to break away from a rigid structure and add interesting angles to your room. You can use them as a pop of colour or pick interesting designs and patterns to highlight a section of your room. Here are some of the design categories available on our online store to buy rugs online

Abstract Geometric Ethnic Classical Paisley Stripes & Checks
Damask Floral Texture Leaves Plains & Textures Abstract & Textures

What are the different rug sizes?

The most daunting step in the process of buying rugs online or in-store is to determine the right size of the rug in proportion to your room and its needs. A wrong sized rug and carpet can completely throw off the aesthetic of your room. Too big and it’ll make everything else look clustered and disproportionate. Too small and it might not achieve its function or create an impact.

One of the best tips to always keep in mind is to evaluate that the rug should be bought in proportion to the size of your room, whilst properly covering the four legs of your central furniture piece like either your centre table or sofa.

An easy way to find out if you are buying the right size is by referring to the size chart below:

Small Rug 80 X 150 cm Medium Rug 120 X 170 cm Large Rug 160 X 230 cm
Extra Large Rug 200 X 290 cm Double Extra-Large Rug 240 X 340 cm

What is the best material for rugs?

There are various materials used for making rugs that can serve different purposes for your house. D’Decor houses a beautiful and diverse collection of rugs online and the right material for your rugs and carpets depends on where and how you will be using it.

Rugs of various materials are available in the market today. You can look at thin weaved rugs for keeping your floor cool which is perfect for warm, tropical climates. These rugs are also good for anchoring your furniture. While for climates that are colder, look for woven or plush rugs that impart a fuzzy, relaxing feeling to your feet at all times of the day.

What are the rugs prices based on various sizes?

When you want to buy rugs online, there are various options and prices. Find your most preferred prices at D’Decor’s e-store based on size here:

Size of the Rug

Starting price

Small Rug

INR 3600 / -

Medium Rug

INR 6100 / -

Large Rug

INR 10,950 / -

Extra Large Rug

INR 17,250 / -

Why choose D’Decor rugs?

Known to be India’s largest maker of woven home decor and furnishings, D’Decor rugs are cutting edge and at a great value. D’Decor’s team visits international art studios year after year to discover new designs, styles and patterns to brighten up your room.

D’Decor presents an affordable and creative collection of ready-made with exceptional quality; available in a wide variety of styles, influences and sizes. From evocative florals and graphic geometrics to stripes and elegant ombre in a multitude of shades and finishes - our gorgeous collections of decorative bedroom rugs and living room rugs add instant style and easy glamour to any room.

A perfect blend of creativity, quality and new technologies, for rugs as art on the floor.